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Ugly masturbation porn is a genre of pornography that focuses on people who are considered unattractive engaging in sexual activity with themselves alone. This type of porn is intended to turn on viewers who find ugly people more attractive than perfect looking people, and can also be seen as a form of body positivity for people who are often overlooked in mainstream pornography. Ugly masturbation porn is often considered to be a niche form of pornography, but there are still plenty of porn sites and tube sites dedicated to this niche market. The videos generally feature solitary people pleasuring themselves, though sometimes they include couples or threesomes as well. They usually involve some kind of kink or fetish, such as BDSM, domination/submission, humiliation, or role-playing. The people featured in ugly masturbation porn usually identify as geeks, nerds, or simply people who fall outside of conventional beauty standards. For some viewers, these videos serve as a way not just to get aroused, but to see people that they can relate to and are proud to cheer on. It’s a chance to feel like part of a community, one that celebrates all kinds of bodies and desires. Ugly masturbation porn is a 21st—century phenomenon and it’s here to stay. If you're curious and open-minded enough to give it a try, you may just find that there's something for everyone out there.