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Velvet gets a call from her mommy to wake her stepbro up for lunch. What better way than with a BJ? Ike wakes up so surprised that he accidentally cums in her mouth! Oooops. The next day Ike hears some weird noises coming from Velvets room. He wonders what it could be, it turns out it was velvet pleasuring herself to thoughts of him. As soon as she cums, she craves his cock in her mouth again. She tiptoes over to his room and starts to practice once more. She gives Ike a good licking, and doesnt even bother him when shes done. She just quietly walks out like a good stepsis should. A few days later Ike actually catches her masturbating! This obsession she has with him is getting serious. She was even wearing his shirt just so she could smell him. Ike has to end this, and the only way is by fucking her tight pink little pussy, nutting on her face, and having her clean it all up before mom and dad get home. Now thats a good little stepsis ;).

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Wake-up Porn is a popular genre of adult entertainment that features risque scenes where people wake up and jump into some kind of sexual activity. This genre is sometimes referred to as morning sex porn because it typically takes place in the morning. The concept behind this genre is to simulate a way for people to begin their day with something a little less traditional than a cup of coffee or a break fast. The scenes usually feature two or more people, usually a couple in bed, waking up and engaging in sexual activities ranging from orally pleasuring one another to full-on intercourse. The idea behind this genre is to simulate a situation where two consenting adults spontaneously and immediately give into their sexual desires and passionately participate in a sensual act. For people looking for a bit of morning pleasure, there are tons of sites and videos available featuring wake-up porn. Many of these videos feature different themes and, depending on what you're looking for, you can find pretty much anything, from fantasy role-play scenarios to more realistic bedroom encounters. If you're into the idea of waking up to a naughty time, wake-up porn might just be the perfect genre for you. With the right video and a willing partner, you can create a pleasure-filled morning or night and get your heart racing and your blood pumping.