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Wanking XXX is a term used to describe a type of pornographic material that focuses specifically on the sexual act of wanking, or masturbating. This type of porn usually involves explicit stimulation of the genitals with either hands or sex toys, and often shows the male or female partner pleasuring themselves. In wanking porn, people typically exhibit a greater range of movements during the act. These movements can include thrusting, rubbing, and using circular movements to increase sexual stimulation. In some cases, the act is depicted through slow, sensuous motions. Often, wanking porn has a focus on male or female pleasure. Female performers may use oral sex toys, vibrators, or fingering themselves to increase the intensity of stimulation. Wanking XXX videos may also include the use of genital accessories, such as cock rings, to maximize pleasure. In many cases, performers use specific tools and techniques to perform the act. This type of porn is often seen as daring and erotic, as it explores the different sensation that can come from wanking and masturbating. Overall, wanking XXX is a popular type of pornographic material. It offers viewers the opportunity to explore their own sexuality, as well as getting a glimpse of their fantasies. The explicit content of this type of porn can be stimulating and often arousing, making it an ideal form of adult entertainment.