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Webcam solo videos are becoming more and more popular among adult porn consumers. This type of porn genre allows consumers to watch a solo performer perform for them live on their computer screens. Webcam solo videos also offer a greater degree of control for the consumer, allowing them to instruct the performer on what they would like to see or hear. For some, webcam solo videos provide a more intimate experience than traditional porn videos. The performers are usually much more willing to cater to the consumer’s requests, as they are getting direct feedback from the consumer while they are performing. This allows the consumer to shape the performance to their exact desires. This type of porn also provides a safe exploration of one's own sexual pleasure. Many consumers find that webcam solo videos help them discover what arouses them, allowing them to gain confidence in their own sexuality. Webcam solo videos are also a great way for performers to make extra income. By streaming their performances live, performers can make money from their performances instead of relying on traditional films. This can be a great way for independent performers to make a little extra money on the side without having to invest time into the production side of traditional films. No matter what a consumer’s preference may be, webcam solo videos are a great way to explore pleasure and intimacy. The ability to customize the performance according to the consumer’s desires makes this type of porn genre an increasingly popular option for adult porn consumers.