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Webcam teens are those between the ages of 13 and 19 who broadcast their sexual performance online through live webcams. Such performances, which are often accompanied by music, props, and stimulating fantasies, can be viewed by paying viewers or may be free to all viewers. Most webcam teens use their webcams to explore their sexuality and express themselves without fear of judgment. They often display nudity, perform sexual acts, and participate in masturbation and other intimate activities. In some cases, these activities may be performed in groups, allowing viewers to witness intense interactions between multiple teens, a dynamic known as webcam orgies. Some webcam teens choose to use their webcams as a means of making money through tips, donations, or fees paid by viewers. In other cases, webcam teens use their webcams as a form of connecting with peers, either to make new friends or to participate in virtual group sex activities. In recent years, the rise of the internet has resulted in more and more teens being exposed to pornography through webcams. For those teens who choose to view porn and engage in webcam activities, it's important that they approach these activities in a safe and responsible manner. Setting limits, using appropriate safety measures, and communicating openly and honestly with a reliable adult, such as a parent, are all critical steps to avoid potential danger.