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Yasmine Lafitte is an adult performer from France who has made a name for herself in the world of porn movies. She has been in the industry for over 15 years and has appeared in a number of adult films, ranging from straight and lesbian to softcore and hardcore. Her career began in 2003, when she got her first role in a porn movie, so she has been around for a while. She has since done several different types of adult films, including some popular series like 'Giglio Nightclub' and 'Girl Affairs'. She has also done a few solo movies such as 'Yasmine's Erotic Adventures' and 'Yasmine's Private Playground'. Yasmine Lafitte has a lot of experience in the adult film industry, which makes her an excellent choice if you're looking for a female performer who can bring something special to your project. She has a great body and an infectious personality, which makes her one of the hottest porn stars out there. Her movies are consistently excellent and her performances are always worth watching. She definitely knows how to make a scene sizzle and turn up the heat. If you're looking for a sexy, wild, and daring performer to add some spice to your porn project, Yasmine Lafitte is the perfect choice. Check out her movies and get ready to have a wild time!