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Young gay porn refers to pornographic films and other sexually explicit content featuring actors whose ages are generally below the legal age of consent. Most young gay pornography depicts male actors who are 18 or 19 years of age, although some films may feature actors as young as 16 or 17. Young gay porn is frequently criticized for exploiting minors by having them participate in sexual activities, often without legal or parental supervision. It is also frequently denounced for the way in which it portrays youth, with many citing concerns over its potential to create a distorted, bad-image about them. Nevertheless, in many countries and jurisdictions young gay porn remains legal. A growing number of young gay porn performers can be found in countries where age of consent laws are lower and work options may be limited. In a 2016 survey, adult industry researchers at NSS Labs found that 34.7% of young gay actors were of Hispanic descent, while 28.1% were Caucasian and 17.3% identified as African-American. Young gay porn is popular among athletes, students, and other young people looking to find a way to explore their sexuality. The industry has also become a draw for some youth who may be struggling with gender identity or who are seeking to explore both their masculinity and femininity. Many actors in young gay porn report feeling confident in their roles, as they become visible in a typically closeted industry, and they often receive praise from the viewing public for their performances. Though young gay porn is available in many countries, much of it is filmed and distributed without the consent or knowledge of the actors involved. In addition to violating their privacy and putting their safety at risk, the lack of legal or parental oversight in these cases leaves them extremely vulnerable to exploitation. For this reason, many advocate for greater oversight of the young gay porn industry in order to ensure the safety and well-being of its stars.