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There is something incredibly hot about the taboo of seeing a young son and his mom engage in illicit activities. The knowledge that incest is a big no-no, yet the two are engaging in it anyways, creates an overwhelming sensuality that some porn enthusiasts crave. Young son and mom xxx videos involve an innocent young lad and his deep-seated desire for his mother. Emotions and sexual tensions between the two simmer and then come to full boil. Some videos involve a mother quite willing to do anything for her son and others have the son seducing her mother and the mother succumbing to his advances. Oftentimes, the videos feature a young mom whose age is not easily determined, yet she has all the curves and appeal of a hot MILF. The son is typically between the ages of 18 and 25, a young man transitioning into adulthood but with enough teen allure to still seem as young and as tempting as possible. He often calls her 'mom' while they engage in activities not typically seen within a mother/son relationship. He touches her in ways he would not normally, biting, licking and fondling her body as his primal desire takes over. As parents, there is a certain naughtiness to seeing a son engaging in sexual acts with his mother, the level of taboo overriding the forbidden factor. At the end of the day, young son and mom xxx videos will always be a hit, something sought out and devoured with high anticipation. It takes being naughty to a whole new level and you won't be able to look away.