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Young teen movies have become increasingly popular in recent years with the success of films such as E.T., the Twilight Saga, and the Harry Potter series. Themes that young teens can relate to such as transitioning into adulthood, exploring relationships, navigating social situations, and coming to terms with growing up all contribute to the widespread popularity of these movies. One of the more recent hits in the genre is the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, which follows a young high school student's journey into her teenage years as she deals with several challenges. This series is not only entertaining and engaging but also sheds light on a sensitive and difficult topic. Another example of young teen movies is the Divergent series, based on the novel by Veronica Roth. This series revolves around a teenage girl's battle between her own self-discovery and protection from outsiders. It provides an exciting adventure and though it may contain some element of fantasy, viewers learn to embrace their differences and embrace the challenges presented in their own lives. For movies that tackle a topic of a more adult nature, such as pornography, there is 18 Again. This movie follows a teenage girl as she discovers the adult world of pornography, learns how to handle it, and how to overcome serious problems. Along the way, she struggles with identity, her body image, and her sense of self-worth. It provides a unique perspective and valuable insight into the world of porn that many young teens can relate to. Young teen movies will continue to be popular as teens explore their own growing up process and discover more about the world around them. These movies can provide an entertaining escape from reality and an educational glimpse into topics that teenagers may not encounter in their everyday lives.